AI image upscaler: one click
to stunning HD photos
  • Make low res pictures bigger, increase resolution and add detail
  • Increase the DPI, adding clarity to your prints and AI art
  • Enlarge to any size without losing quality
Drag and drop anywhere to upload
Image before processing with LetsEnhance
Image before processing with LetsEnhance
Convert into HD and 4k+
Resize and add quality
Up to 16x and 500 megapixels
Get 300+ DPI with any image
For business image upscaling API and more result illustration result illustration
Streamline your image workflows and scale your
business with Claid API
Enlarge images with AI
in bulk
Upsize your images instantly: upscale up to 20 photos with
in one easy-to-use online app. result illustration
Image before processing with LetsEnhance

How to enlarge a photo
in 3 steps

1. Upload your image
Drag and drop an image to
We support JPG, PNG, and WebP formats. Free users can enlarge pictures up to 64 megapixels. Paid plan come with up to 512 MP caps.
Image before processing with LetsEnhance
2. Upscale
Choose an upscaling network: “photo” mode has the highest upscaling factor of 16.
Choose from 2-16x scaling range. Or set a custom width and height dimensions.
Click “Start processing”
Image before processing with LetsEnhance
3. Save
Download an enlarged photo to your device.
Tip: Sometimes it’s worth trying to blow up your photo with other upscaling modes, as all 4 of them have their pros and cons.
Learn more upscaling settings here.
Image before processing with LetsEnhance
Create stunning prints from any image

Make your photos print-ready. Our AI images enlarger allows you to choose the resolution and DPI you want and get sharp and vivid prints in any size.

Image before processing with LetsEnhance
Turn your AI art into high resolution masterpieces

Don’t let low res AI generated pictures ruin your creative vision. Use our resizer to upscale your AI art and make it look stunning for any purpose. Whether you want to share, sell or create NFTs.

Image before processing with LetsEnhance
Upscale visual assets for games, VR

Improve your gaming graphics with our AI image upscaling tool. Upscale and refine the textures and models of your games to make them look more immersive and vivid.

Image before processing with LetsEnhance
Combine image upscaling
with other tools AI enhancements
Image before processing with LetsEnhance
Image before processing with LetsEnhance
Light AI
Image before processing with LetsEnhance
Image before processing with LetsEnhance
Remove Background
Batch editing
Batch editing
Upload and edit multiple images at once
One-click presets
One-click presets
Make your eComm & real estate pics look professional
Enlarge to any size
Enlarge to any size
Convert small photos to HD, 4k, 8k or higher
From big posters to VR
From big posters to VR
Increase image size up to 500 MP. Get 300+ DPI density
Fast and simple
Fast and simple
Auto enhance and edit your pictures in seconds
Color correct
Color correct
Fix white balance and saturation with HDR filter

Popular questions

What is image upscaling?
Image upscaling is an AI-powered process that enlarges pictures and improves their resolution to 4K or HD quality without losing details. It's ideal for photos and digital art, including AI generated images.
How does it work?
Our AI upscaler leverages Super Resolution and other ML technologies to analyze image pixels and patterns, and intelligently enhances them to increase resolution and quality. This results in larger, higher-definition images that look sharp and clear.
How can the AI upscaler improve AI-generated art?
The AI upscaler increases the resolution of AI art, enhancing image quality and details, making them crisp even in 8K. This makes it ideal for images produced with tools like Midjourney, DALL-E, Stable Diffusion, or Let’s Enhance generator.
Which formats are supported?
Our image enlarger accepts jpeg, jpg, png, and webp formats, and outputs in high-quality jpeg and png formats, perfect for preserving image details
Is this upscaling tool free to use?
Yes, you can upscale images for free with our tool, which is ideal for enhancing up to 10 images without any cost.
How can the enlarger enhance my print-on-demand products?
Use our upscaler to enlarge and improve the resolution of photos and images for print-on-demand products like t-shirts and mugs, ensuring high-quality prints.
How is this tool beneficial for game developers?
Game developers can use this image upscaler to create higher-resolution graphics for immersive gaming experiences, especially on high DPI screens.