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Let's Enhance printing solution offers automated image processing workflows that enables our customers to automatically recover missing details, remove compression, increase image resolution, correct colors & tones — all over the cloud, lighting fast and easy to use.

Seamless customer experience
Automatically upscale when the resolution doesn’t match printing layout
Scalable to any requests number
Increase your sales with a wider range of photo products: from photobooks to canvas
Easy integration
Our customers average 3 days to roll in production
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We help printing to be with less efforts. Faster image preprocessing - easier workflow.

Photo after processing with Let's enhance
Photo before processing with Let's enhance

Without Let’s enhance

  • restricted layouts — image resolution dependency
  • pixelated or blurry prints

With Let’s enhance

  • fully automated image processing
  • unrestricted layouts - any print size
  • pixel perfect prints
  • cleaner prints

Top-10 USA printing company

The company is on a mission to make creating a photo book as easy as taking a picture. The $10 photo books automatically pull photos from Instagram, Facebook and Camera Roll. Images suffered from compression, impacting printing results and increased customer complaints.

What we did

Let’s Enhance provided an API blackbox solution that is able to work with low-quality image inputs (personalized photos from Instagram). Together with the client's team, Let’s Enhance has implemented API in clients workflow with neural networks working specifically for their use case.

Case study


Company has fully automated image preprocessing and reduced the number of printing quality complaints. Company launched additional product sizes and increased sales. Managers have been freed up from manual quality assessment work.

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