Skilled photographers can shoot masterful photos even while using an underpowered phone camera. However, most of us don’t really have the experience or skillset in taking good photos, so oftentimes, the pictures we take with mobile cameras end up looking blurry, pixelated, and low-quality. Let’s Enhance can improve the quality of mobile photos with AI in a number of ways.


  • There are a set of common problems that come with taking photos with phone cameras;
  • A quick guide on how to enhance photos taken with mobile phones using Let’s Enhance;
  • Let’s Enhance offers a set of benefits that can only be achieved through the power of AI;
  • There are a number of advantages to using AI for image editing and enhancements, which we believe are what makes this technology so important for modern content creation.

Reasons Why Mobile Photos May Lack Quality

Here is a list of reasons why mobile photos tend to lack quality. It's important to remember that there are a myriad of reasons why photos taken with a mobile phone camera don't always look

  • Low-quality hardware - With the exception of high-end flagship phones from well-known manufacturers, phone cameras tend to be underpowered. This means lower resolution, pixel density, and extra blur and pixelation, which results in overall low-quality photos.
  • Unoptimized software - Underpowered software is another cause of low-quality mobile cameras. Keep in mind that in the age of digital photography, the software of your smartphone camera is also important. Many modern phones are optimized for improved photography, oftentimes assisted by AI. If your phone’s software is old, not the latest version, or simply not well-optimized, then you may have trouble taking good photos.
  • Image compression - While not all, there are some mobile phone cameras that will automatically perform image compression which can significantly lower the visual quality of photos.
  • Bad lighting - Lighting is the cornerstone of photography. Without understanding how to channel lighting and use it to your advantage, taking a good photo is nearly impossible. This is often the case with camera phones that are not optimized for night shoots and do not have a strong enough flash to illuminate the subject.
  • Faulty settings - Mish-mashed phone camera settings can also take away from the quality of an image. Someone with little to no experience with digital cameras may be confused by all the settings. A few out-of-place sliders and other settings that are activated unbeknownst to the novice cameraperson may keep them from taking good photos.

Quick Mobile Photo Enhancement Guide

Step 1. Visit to login or create an account.

Step 2. Upload your image.

Step 3. Select the image type and upscale size.

Step 4. Activate facial enhancement if enhancing a profile image (Optional)

The Let’s Enhance AI detects facial features and targets them automatically.

Step 5. Click Start processing and once it's finished click on the downward arrow button to save the image to your device.

How Can Assist

Let's Enhance offers a number of functions and features that make it a very potent tool for phone image enhancement.

Enhance the Way You Want

Let's Enhance comes with a slew of features and settings to choose or tweak in accordance to the type of photo being enhanced and what results you're looking for.

Simple Process

We'll just let the visual below do the talking in regards to how fast and easy it is to enhance images with Let's Enhance.

Powerful Upscaler

Thanks to the powerful AI algorithm that powers it, Let's Enhance is capable of accurately enhancing and upscaling images to higher resolutions, without loss in visual quality. The image below demonstrates how the AI was able to recreate the details of the sample photo and enhance it to fit inside a significantly larger image.

The Perks of AI Enhancement

Why use AI to enhance images when there are other methods of editing photos to improve visual quality?


The most obvious benefit of AI in photo enhancement is speed. AI can enhance an image in a number of ways and it only takes a few seconds to do, especially with highly-optimized platforms like Let's Enhance. Enhancing by hand takes a very long time, especially for those with little experience using image editing software.


AI is exceptional when it comes to producing accurate results. What this means in practice is that AI can detect finer details of an image and use its powerful algorithm to fill in the missing areas with what it believes is the most apt visual element.


For many out there, especially those dealing with product marketing or branding, visual consistency is very important. Editing and enhancing phone camera visuals by hand will not produce anywhere near as consistent of results as with AI.

Try It for Yourself

Create an account on and get 10 credits for up to 10 image enhancements. Try it out for yourself and see how well Let's Enhance can improve the visual quality of your phone camera photos.


- How to enhance photo quality with AI?

Platforms like make it super easy to enhance images. All you have to do is upload an image, choose enhancement settings, and let the AI handle all the rest.

- How do I convert a low quality image to high quality in AI?

There are a lot of ways to interpret "high-quality" when it comes to , but one of the most common and visually apparent forms of enhancement is improving resolution and pixel density for a clearer image. Let's Enhance accomplishes this by upscaling images to higher resolutions and sharpens images for a cleaner appearance.

- Which app is best for AI photo enhancement?

There are plenty of excellent AI image enhancement tools to help you get the most out of your low-quality photos. This is a tricky question, as it depends on exactly what kinds of photos you with to enhance, to what extent you want to improve visual quality, and what device you're using. Since we're covering photos taken with mobile phones, we highly recommend trying Let's Enhance on your phones browser to enhance photos on the go.

- How can I improve the quality of a picture on my phone?

Much like how you'd enhance images on Let's Enhance through your desktop browser, you can simply log into your account on, upload an image, select your settings, and give it a few seconds for the AI to improve the quality of your image. Then simply download and save it to your device and you're all set.

- Can help fix blurry mobile photos?

Yes. Let's Enhance is quite capable of fixing blurry mobile photos. By choosing from different functions, such as Photo upscale, Smart Enhance, or Smart Resize, each of which is optimized for different kinds of photos and produce a unique set of results.

- How can I start using

Create an account by following this link. And for more information about Let's Enhance and our many other tools, visit our official website.