Print-on-Demand businesses are among the biggest beneficiaries of the booming AI-visual rendering and enhancement technology. Many printing companies are leveraging software powered by AI in their favor.

Here are the advantages of using AI image enhancement software for print-on-demand businesses.

How do AI image enhancers boost POD businesses? Here's a quick article summary:

  • Improved Image Quality: AI algorithms ensure the highest quality visuals for your printing needs;
  • Upscaling: Enlarge photos without worrying about pixelation or loss of quality thanks to the Super Resolution algorithm that improves the image DPI;
  • Enhanced Textures: AI's ability to target and improve specific textures within an image leads to a more detailed and visually appealing result;
  • Time Efficiency: AI can edit and enhance large batches of images in a fraction of the time traditional methods take;
  • Versatility: Diverse functionalities on a single platform cater to a wide array of print-on-demand requirements;
  • Accessibility and Adaptability: AI tools are user-friendly and easily integrated into existing workflows;
  • Scalability: AI technology allows your print-on-demand business to scale up and handle bigger projects more easily.

Improved Image Quality Enhancement

It can’t be understated how important photo quality is for POD companies. These are businesses that work first and foremost with visuals. So if these are subpar or not of the quality that their customers expect, then customers won’t be lining up for the printing house’s services.

Excerpt from the Printify case study that mentions the advantages of working with AI enhancement tools.


AI-powered software can perform a number of visual enhancements to improve image quality in a variety of ways. A good example of this would be upscaling, which is the process of taking a small photo and enlarging it several times its original size. This doesn’t simply mean increasing its resolution, as that would leave the image looking blocky and pixelated.

What we need to work with in this case is dots-per-inch or DPI.

Upscalers use a special algorithm called Super Resolution that increases the DPI of an image along with the resolution for printing as well as tons of other applications. What this essentially means is the picture is enlarged and the AI fills in the additional pixels with the best possible.

A demonstration of increasing DPI to improve the quality of images.

This way, the picture remains sharp no matter how much it is enlarged without any pixilation or jagged "blockiness".

Enhanced Textures

AI can target various textures within a photo to improve visual quality. These can be used for specific use cases. Let’s Enhance, for example, has a specific function dedicated to improving portrait photos by targeting facial features and enhancing them.

Automatically adjustment and enhance facial features using Let's Enhance.

This way, printing companies don’t have to worry about intricate details of their unique visuals being lost as the images retain all their unique features without any loss in quality.

Time Efficiency

Traditional methods of manual visual enhancement can take quite a while, even for professionals with years of experience. AI-based tools can enhance a single image in a matter of seconds.

While there will always be room for a human touch to edit and enhance photos, AI can significantly streamline the photo enhancement process by working on large batches of visuals at a time. This gives printing companies an unparalleled advantage for large-scale projects, where tens of thousands of pictures must be enhanced for printing.

Here's how fast an image can be upscaled 8x its original size.

Additionally, this time efficiency also translates into the feedback-development-creation loop of printing companies, making it easier to make quick changes in case a customer asks for them. For example, it’s not uncommon for customers to be unsatisfied with the initial printing results and ask for certain changes to be made.

Since working with AI is more time efficient, printing businesses don’t have to worry about retracing their steps and starting over with different enhancements, since these are done pretty much instantaneously.


Another huge advantage of using AI enhancers for printing-on-demand is versatility. As was previously mentioned, Let’s Enhance has a function that specializes in enhancing facial features in photos. But there are tons of other functions that Let’s Enhance and other AI enhancement software comes with that make them incredibly versatile tools for printing companies.

Let’s Enhance is an all-in-one versatile tool that allows you to enhance, upscale, and edit photos with nothing but a few clicks and a stable internet connection.

For example, in terms of upscaling, Let’s Enhance offers a suite of specialized functions, such as upscale algorithms dedicated to photos, digital art, images with text, enhancing photos for online eCommerce listings, and of course, printing.

Versatility means that POD companies have access to a number of enhancement options on a single platform, as opposed to using different software for each specific type of function. This can streamline the enhancement process for POD companies, improving the efficiency of their work to an even greater extent.

Accessibility and Adaptability

AI-based visual enhancement software can be easily integrated into a printing company’s operation without disrupting the general workflow. This mostly comes from how accessible AI photo enhancement software is. Unlike professional photo editing software, Let’s Enhance and other AI editing and enhancement tools can be used with little to no experience in photography.

Our easy-to-use guide on how to upscale an image with Let's Enhance.

Printing companies will find it easy to implement AI tools into their workflow. The ability to use AI image enhancement tools means employees will easily adapt to the new software. And because AI software is so easy to use, it will also be easier to adapt to customers’ requests, which in turn means the printing company can take on more diverse projects.


This leads us to the final and one of the most important advantages of print-on-demand businesses that leverage AI tools: scalability. Newly opened printing companies with few specialists in their employ, who may not have as much experience in the field, find it troublesome to scale up their operations.

With how fast AI enhancers work and their ability to enhance huge batches of pictures, printing companies can expect significantly improved scalability as they can take on bigger clients.

Let's Enhance - Enhance, Upscale, and More

Let's Enhance is an all-in-one platform designed to give users access to groundbreaking upscale and enhancement tools. These easy-to-use functions allow you to upscale, sharpen, enhance, and edit your photos within seconds.

When it comes to printing, Let's Enhance offers preset settings optimized specifically for this use-case, making it incredibly easy to upload any visual and have it ready for printing in no time. - Consistency and Scalability

While Let's Enhance is a very convenient platform for photo editing and enhancement, when it comes to upscaling, enhancing, and AI rendering on a large scale, is the B2B solution.

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We know better than anyone else that consistency visuals is a key component of success in a hyper-competitive market. And gives online marketers, product owners, and eCommerce vendors the edge they need to maintain a solid foothold. can enhance, upscale, edit, and render visuals on a far larger scale, able to bring them all to a single consistent standard, opening up new opportunities for scalability and growth for printing companies.

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What are the benefits of AI image processing?

AI image processing improves visual quality, provides texture enhancements, and allows for upscaling without pixilation. It saves time and effort, offering versatile, accessible, and adaptable solutions.

What are the benefits of using artificial intelligence in business?

Artificial intelligence brings automation, efficiency, scalability, and adaptability to businesses. It helps to streamline operations, make data-driven decisions, and improve customer experiences.

What are the 5 benefits of artificial intelligence?

The top 5 benefits of AI include improved efficiency, enhanced decision making, advanced personalization, automation of tasks, and increased business scalability.

How does AI improve image quality?

AI uses sophisticated algorithms to upscale visuals, enhance textures, and improve overall quality. It fills in additional pixels when enlarging photos, ensuring sharpness and preventing pixilation.

How do AI image enhancers benefit print-on-demand businesses?

AI enhancers enable POD businesses to improve visual quality, save time, increase versatility, enhance accessibility, and scale operations effortlessly.

How does AI streamline the image enhancement process in print-on-demand?

AI enables batch processing of images, quickly enhancing and editing them. This significantly cuts down time, enabling businesses to handle large-scale projects efficiently.

What makes AI tools accessible for POD businesses?

AI tools, unlike professional photo editing software, are user-friendly and don't require extensive experience. This makes them easy to integrate into existing workflows and adapt to customer requests.