We are excited to announce the launch of AI-Photoshoot: a new generative AI product that lets you create stunning product images in no time. The latest addition to Claid.ai – our all-in-one platform for your eCommerce photography needs – AI-Photoshoot can turn a single product photo into numerous unique, realistic and appealing visuals that engage your customers and showcase your brand style.

From this post, you'll learn how AI-Photoshoot works, what it can do for your business, and how to get started.

How AI-Photoshoot can empower your eComm business

AI-Photoshoot allows you to create realistic and engaging visuals for your products. With AI-Photoshoot, you can:

  • Generate endless product images. Get numerous options and pick the images that work best for your website, marketing ads or social pages.
  • Have an instant creation process. In just a few seconds, AI-Photoshoot can create multiple realistic visuals from one product image.
  • Preserve brand details. Our AI is trained to put your products in realistic scenes while keeping branding intact.
  • Boost your conversions with engaging product images. Impress your customers and boost sales with professional-quality product images.
  • Scale with image editing automation. With Claid API you can not only produce assets for your ad campaigns at scale — you can completely automate all image workflows for your business. Interested? Request an API key here.

These are just a few ways to leverage AI-Photoshoot. It can help boost any eCommerce business – whether you sell CPG products, furniture or cars – by providing you with a fast and scalable way to produce professional-quality visuals.

Produce product photography assets on autopilot

Product photography is challenging and time-consuming, often requiring you to hire professional crews, rent a studio, invest in expensive equipment, edit images, and so on. And even after all that, the results may not be up to your expectations.

AI-Photoshoot enables you to generate realistic visuals from a single product image in seconds.

You can transform a single picture into captivating photoshoots that perfectly align with your brand and style.

Preserve brand and product details

With AI-Photoshoot, you can quickly produce visuals that are aligned with your brand guidelines.

Our AI is trained to put your products in realistic scenes while keeping branding intact. Just select the colors you need and our AI will generate realistic backdrops with them.

Additionally, AI-Photoshoot improves upon typical AI image generation tools, by keeping the details of the main object of the photo intact. Our AI preserves textures, colors, labels, and every single detail of your product, making sure that your buyers will get what they see.

Make high-converting eCommerce visuals in a snap

The right visuals can make all the difference in eCommerce. With AI-Photoshoot, you can:

  • Showcase products in context: Generate lifestyle photos that depict your products in realistic and appealing environments, highlighting their value and usage.
  • Captivate audiences: Engage customers with striking visuals that tell a story and evoke emotions, drawing them into your brand's world.
  • Build trust: High-quality lifestyle imagery establishes your brand's credibility and inspires customers' desire to own your products.
  • Drive conversions and sales: Compelling product photos lead to higher conversion rates and increased sales, propelling your eCommerce business forward.

High-quality lifestyle photos outperform both stock photography and low-quality UGC images.

How to use AI-Photoshoot: a quickstart guide

The process of creating stunning product images with AI-Photoshoot is simple and fast.

Here are the three steps you need to follow.

1. Upload your image. The process of transforming your product image begins with uploading it to Claid. Images where the product is well-lit and has clear edges give the best results.

2. Select a scene or opt for a custom mode: Our technology automatically inserts your product image into the style, blends the light and colors and delivers images as realistic as product photoshoots. You can choose from a variety of styles and scenes to suit your brand identity and target audience.

3. Download results: Once you are happy with the images generated by AI-Photoshoot, you can download them in high resolution and use them for your website, marketing ads or social pages.

That's it! You have just created engaging product images without hiring a photographer or buying expensive equipment.

Quickly transform scenes with just a few words

The fastest way to start using our new product is by picking a pre-designed scene from our collection.

AI-Photoshoot offers you a library of ready-made environments that you can completely revamp with a few words in a prompt box. Take a look at how all images below were created based on just one scene.

Our gallery includes a variety of scenes tailored for a range of product categories: from snacks and beverages to shoes and furniture.

However, most templates are universal and can be used with different types of goods. So we encourage you to experiment with different combinations of scenes and prompts.

Generate unique backdrops for product photos with a few words

If you want to create something completely unique you can opt for a Custom mode. This will allow you to bypass template restrictions and generate any environment that you can imagine.

Simply describe where you want to place your product and click "Generate".

Use AI-Photoshoot along with other Claid.ai's image editing features

With Claid you get a range of tools to streamline your image workflows from A to Z. Enhance photos by increasing the resolution and adding clarity, fix light and colors, generate new visuals and more — all in one place. Check out our enhancement and editing features in this demo.

Start generating product photography masterpieces for free

Getting started with AI-Photoshoot is incredibly simple. Just create a Claid account – the fastest way to do it is to sign up with your Google Account – and give AI-Photoshoot a try with 50 free credits. On top of that, you will also get access to other image editing features of Claid.


- How much does AI-Photoshoot cost?

You can start generating and editing photos for free. Just create an account and try our feature for yourself. If you like the results, you can purchase a subscription that costs $29 per month with an annual plan. See the details on the pricing page.

- What kind of product images can I use with AI-Photoshoot?

You can use any kind of product image with AI-Photoshoot as long as it has a clear background (white or transparent) and shows the whole product (not cropped). Images with better where the object has clear edges give best results.

- How can I customize the scenes and styles for my brand?

You can choose from a variety of scenes that match your brand identity and target audience. You can also pick colors and specify other parameters of the generated images with text prompts.

- What are the quality and resolution of the images generated by AI-Photoshoot?

The quality and resolution of the images generated by AI-Photoshoot depend on the quality and resolution of the original product image you upload. We recommend using high-quality images with at least 1000 pixels on each side for best results.