2022 was full of new releases for Let's Enhance. We rolled out one more upscaling neural net and a brand new AI image generation tool, improved some of the existing features and expanded our AI for business. Learn about these updates and how you can leverage them from this yearly wrap-up.

Let's Enhance stands with Ukraine

Early last year, the world was shocked by Russia's unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. From day one, Let's Enhance has stood in solidarity with Ukraine and will continue to support the brave Ukrainian people in their fight for freedom. Read the full statement here and find a list of verified charities to support Ukraine here.

Turn words into high-quality images with AI image generation

One of the biggest 2022 releases came out just in time for the end of the year. Now, Let's Enhance allows you not only to improve images but also to create new ones from scratch.

Our new AI image generator converts your words into high-quality visuals that you can use for anything: one-of-a-kind artwork, designs, cartoon characters, assets for videogames, backgrounds, textures and more — all created in a flash.

The generator comes with handy tools that will help you create professional-looking visuals with ease.

  • A prompt builder will help you put together effective and detailed descriptions that will tell AI exactly what you want to illustrate.
  • A built-in upscaler will increase the image's resolution, making it perfect for printing, presentations, etc.
  • You can further upsize and polish your AI images right in Let's Enhance to make them ready for even larger prints or really any purpose.

Learn more about our new AI text-to-image converter in this blog post: Let Your Words Come to Life with Our New AI Image Generator.

Enlarge product photos with Smart Resize

Smart Resize brings you a soft resolution upscaling that respects the original image and doesn't distort any details. Its sharpening effect is not as strong as the one of Smart Enhance but the upside is that it always preserves fine elements of the original image such as textures and fonts.

You can use Smart Resize with product images to make sure that everything on the photo — from materials to labels — is preserved and enhanced. But it can also serve as a backup enhancer for other kinds of images.

Learn more: Smart Resize: New AI Image Upscaler for eCommerce Photos | Let's Enhance.

Remove backgrounds and enhance photos in one click

Our background removal is now even more precise. Use it to get plain, distraction-free backgrounds on your eCommerce images.

To turn on this feature, go to: Presets > eCommerce > Remove background

Tip: To make the background transparent, make sure to choose the PNG format under "Advanced options".

Furthermore, you can enhance an image and remove its background in one go as it doesn't take extra credits.

Dealing with photos at scale? Try our AI for business

If you want to scale your business with an all-in-one AI image generation tool, Claid.ai is what you need.

It has everything from Let's Enhance, plus

  • More features and neural nets
  • Precise customization to meet your requirements
  • Complete automation of your visual content workflow
  • Robust scalability powered by Google and Nvidia and more.

In 2022, our image editor for business got a host of new capabilities: from the new API to visual online tools.

Learn more about what's new on Claid in this blog post: Discover the Most Important Updates to Claid: a 2022 Recap.

Get ready for an even more epic 2023!

This year, we are preparing more exciting new AI-driven features for you. To stay up to date, make sure to follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.