It’s at times like these that we come to appreciate unity and the infinite strength that is created when people fight for a common cause. That cause today for the Let's Enhance team, as well as all of Ukraine, to defend sovereignty, liberty, and the right to choose their own destiny.

Let's Enhance was created by a talented group of Ukrainian developers and part of the team still remains in Ukraine. So, the malicious actions of the Russian Federation are an attack on our home and absolutely everything we stand for.

Amidst these dark and uncertain times, we wish to show solidarity not only with the Let's Enhance team which is currently in Ukraine, but with the entire country. We are terminating all business relationships with Russian entities and stop supporting clients based in Russia.

What does this situation mean for our users?

For all our users the product runs as usual. Our distributed team works from several different countries to ensure that our services are entirely operational and our entire infrastructure is hosted on Google and Amazon data centers in the U.S.

Support Ukraine

If you are interested in supporting the fight for liberty and the safety of Ukraine, visit these donation links:

  1. National bank of Ukraine
  2. Nova Ukraine NGO