We’re incredibly excited to announce that our CEO and co-founder, Sofiia Shvets, is featured on this year's 30 under 30 list of Forbes Ukraine.

30 under 30 is a curated annual list of young leaders from various fields, from tech and entrepreneurship to sport and culture. A group of young game-changers is chosen by a panel of expert judges.

In late 2017, Sofiia left her position at Google to co-found Let’s Enhance together with Vlad Pranskevicius. She led our startup to some remarkable results with millions of users and rapidly growing revenue. In 2021, Let’s Enhance launched Claid, an enterprise product that already has Fortune 500 companies in its portfolio. Sofiia presented our company at numerous global conferences and raised a $3M seed round to make our products even better. Sofiia also appeared on the Top 25 Women in Tech rating in Forbes Ukraine.

I’m really honored to be on the list as it is the dream for every young entrepreneur and innovator today. This is yet another proof that my team and I are on the right mission of making next-gen visual tech accessible for people and businesses.

Sofiia Shvets, CEO and co-founder at Let's Enhance

This fall has been insanely eventful for our team so far. Claid was featured in 3 global tech conferences, we raised a successful seed round and now our CEO is on the most prestigious list for young entrepreneurs. All this inspires us to double down on our work as it’s only the beginning of the journey for Let’s Enhance and Claid.