Today we are excited to announce our $3M Seed round led by a Chamaeleon, a Silicon-valley based VC fund, with the participation of Acrobator and Hype Ventures. Margo Georgiadis also joined the round as an angel investor. This funding will help us further develop Claid, an AI image enhancer for user-generated content.

This round marks a new stage for us, which means new resources into people, engineering, R&D and product development. Our goal is to help businesses effectively create and deliver visual experiences with next-gen AI content tools. In the coming months, we’ll be commencing the engineering works on our technology scale-up, hiring and finding new partners. We’re humbled to get such experienced operators as our new investors. Our investors have led companies, founded and sold many and above all, they have been in the deep end, building them.

— Sofiia Shvets, Co-founder & CEO at Let’s Enhance

Making Claid better for clients

Our priority is to keep improving Claid, an image editing solution for businesses we launched this summer. We aim to automate all the steps of the image life-cycle: from moderation to editing to delivering it to the user.

Upsampling, color correction, background removal and compression with Claid

For online marketplaces with thousands of vendors and countless products, ensuring that every page has quality photos is a real challenge. Claid makes it possible to automatically edit millions of photos and make them meet your standards.

It can take up to 90% of photos usually rejected by platforms and process up to 10 times faster than classic editing companies.

Companies link the API, set up required parameters and neural networks do all the editing step by step: improving quality, clean enhancement, color and tone correction, remove background and smart image compression.

Editing with Claid saves up to 90% of the time, enables platforms to upload more images per product, convey more accurate impressions to the customer and improve conversion rates while saving on traffic.

What our investors say

“We are backing Claid because it brings together a unique trifecta that is rarely found in start-ups these days: technology differentiated approach to a real problem that requires deep technology for its resolution; a practical and scalable go-to-market approach that is underpinned by a solid and innovative product; and a collegial and humble team with very clear superpowers,”

— Nuno Goncalves Pedro, Founder and Managing Partner at Chamaeleon

We are pleased that our existing investor, Acrobator, continues to support us in this round.

“Let's Enhance was one of the first investments out of our new fund. Back then, the team impressed with their industry knowledge, level of tech development, and thoughtful approach to selecting investors. Over the past year, they showed grit, flexibility, resourcefulness, and a level of operational excellence you’d expect from a Series A plus stage company — yet all with minimal funding. Excited to see what they can do with the resources they have now.”

— Joachim Laqueur, Managing Partner at Acrobator Ventures

Attracting more talent

We are planning to expand the talent pool across all the departments: development, ML-research and support.  If you are excited about what we are building and want to become part of something big, please check the open roles on our careers page.