Learn how to enhance Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, and other AI images to prepare them for prints and high resolution displays. Let's start making your AI art pop with crisper quality!


  • A simple and comprehensive guide to Upscale AI-generated images with Let’s Enhance (Claid.ai);
  • A list of resolution caps on some of the most popular AI-image generators;
  • eCommerce and branding favors higher resolutions for AI-generated images to leave a lasting impression on clients;
  • Claid.ai is a powerful tool when upscaling AI-generated images in bulk for a variety of project;
  • The digital gallery MirageGallery uses Claid.ai to upscale and enhance the AI-generated artwork exhibited on its platform.

How to Upscale AI-Generated Image

Say you want the aforementioned image of Swiss cheese Nicolas Cage displayed in an online exhibition. Unfortunately, the generated image is 302 by 302px; good enough for a social media post, but not big enough for online exhibitions and prints.

Upscaling AI-generated images video tutorial by Let's Enhance.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to upscale AI generated images in just a few clicks.

Step 1: Log in or register on Let’s Enhance and go to My Images;

Step 2: Upload desired photo by clicking on the folder icon to select which image to upscale;

💡 Pro Tip: Claid.ai can upscale AI-generated images in bulk (upwards of thousands of photos).

Step 3: After the image finishes uploading, select the Smart resize upscale type in the right panel;

Step 4: Scroll down on the right panel to tweak additional settings if needed;

Step 5: Click on the Start processing button at the bottom right to upscale the uploaded image;

Step 6: Once the processing finishes, click the download button to save the image to your device.

Let’s Enhance successfully upscaled the AI-generated image from 302 by 302px to 1208 by 1208px, 4 times its original size.

Original (left) AI-generated image and the same image after being upscaled (right) with Let's Enhance.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison below just to give you an idea of what that looks like.

AI Image Generator Resolution Caps

While AI image generators are certainly very impressive in their text-to-image processing, there are some technical limitations that prevent creators from going all-in with their concepts. One of these limitations is the resolution caps.

Resolution caps on the most popular AI image generators.

The processing power that is required to generate images with higher resolutions would put a strain on these AI platforms. So, to limit this strain, these resolution caps are in place to ensure that users don’t slow down the platform for others. But this still doesn’t solve the problem of generating images with higher resolutions, such as 4K or even higher.

Why AI Image Generators Have Resolution Caps

These resolution caps are in place to optimize processing time. Keep in mind, that the higher the resolution of an image, the more detailed it is. And while modern AI generators are pretty good at creating very detailed images, rendering a densely-packed visage onto a 4K canvas would require a ton of processing power or may even go beyond the capabilities of the system.

Why Higher Resolution Matters

With the rise of online shopping, the demand for high-quality product images has also risen. Buyers want to have a good look at their product before purchasing. According to the eCommerce statistics published on justuno.com, 93% of buyers decide on their online purchases based on the visual content they are presented with.

While AI-image generation is currently not in widespread use when it comes to product images, AI art creation is definitely gaining traction, with an AI-generated artwork winning a digital art contest in September 2022. AI-generated art is also going onto display, both online and in brick-and-mortar exhibitions.

In both cases, high resolutions are needed to display the artwork. This is where upscalers like Let’s Enhance and Claid.ai can be instrumental in achieving the highest potential of AI-generated images.

Upscaling AI-generated Images in Bulk with Claid.ai

Whether you work in eCommerce or moderate an online exhibition of digital artwork; going through each image one by one would be a painstaking process and would require a lot of time. Fortunately, Claid.ai is perfect for those looking to upscale AI-generated images in bulk for any sort of project.

A few examples of the AI-generated art hosted on MirageGallery.

Claid.ai is quite versatile, as it can be used to upscale and enhance all manner of images, including digital art. MirageGallery, an online exhibition of digital art, including ones created by AI, utilizes Claid.ai to upscale many of the images hosted on the platform.

Claid.ai [by Let's Enhance] was able to upscale and improve the quality of my photos and video frames at lightning-fast speed.

— August Rosedale, Founder of Mirage Gallery

Claid.ai was also used to upscale thousands of individual frames for a video tour of the MirageGallery’s virtual art exhibition. After each frame was upscaled, the resolution of the video was enhanced to 8K, ensuring that no details are lost to viewers.

Both Let’s Enhance and Claid.ai work with algorithms that have also been trained to handle art. However, if you’re looking to upscale hundreds, even thousands, of art pieces, then Claid.ai is a great solution.

Modern AI Image Generators

While AI technology has now reached a point where it can be used to generate images that go beyond our imaginations, the question of image quality is still very much real. With the help of another AI, Let’s Enhance (Claid.ai), these images can be enhanced to their full potential.

Example of how DALL.E Mini AI platform can generate images

AI image generators have been around for some time, but only recently have they become easily accessible and are sweeping the world of digital image creation. Anyone can simply type in their desired visage, from the most breathtaking fantasy city soaring to the clouds, to something as lunatic as legendary actor Nicolas Cage made of Swiss cheese.