There are almost 3,5 billion active users of social networks worldwide and they are the target audience for many business areas.
Registering a brand page on a social network is almost a standard recommendation for companies. It’s simply a MUST, if you really want to attract thousands of users to your company.
In this article we will explain one more time why it means a world: which sites to choose and how to properly design a social network.

Why does Your Business Need a Page on Social Networks?

How many of your customers visit the company's website daily?
Well… But anyway they are active in network: still check their profiles every day, read news, share information.

So, here is the direct conclusion.
You need to "HUNT" for customers in the places they are active.
Why not to use popular social networks?

1. Spread brand news
On the company's official page, you can inform and entertain the audience, hold attention and provide relevant information.

2. Attract new customers and partners.
Development in your own niche and the right marketing and content strategy will make the company interesting for customers, suppliers, and investors.

3. Expand the geography of sales.
A social network is a global platform with millions of potential customers.

4. Improve your search engine promotion performance.
By attracting an active audience to make transitions from a profile to an official site, you can increase your credibility and position in search results.

5. Publish custom-format content.
Do everything to make the brand interesting to the audience and create a positive image.

Top 5 Social Networks for Business

Honestly, there is no need to spend resources to be represented at all social media.
1-2 sites is quite enough.
Just conduct the correct design of social networks and start communication with the audience.

We compared activity indicators and your company possibilities to growth and here is what we’ve got:

  1. Facebook

500 000 DAU is a powerful argument for business.
Facebook is a universal platform. Get more brand awareness, increase website trafiic and conversion - it’s simply useful for everything

2. Instagram

Advantages: 800 millions active users monthly.
Instagram is all about visuals. So design here is THE MUST.
Your brand features should be recognizable and catchy.

3. Pinterest

If you are creating products for an audience under 40 years or working in the art industry, your company needs to be on Pinterest.
There are  200 mln. visitors every month, 61% of which are younger than 40. 93% of them say they plan purchases using this platform.

4. Snapchat

It’s a great option if your brand is targeted at young people.
The audience is 350 million monthly active users and  187 million daily. 60% of them are younger than 25 years. 73% are aged 18-24 years (in the USA). There are 10 million video views daily.
Use this platform to organically promote visual content and paid placements.

5. Twitter

Hey, back to basics.
It’s a classic social network with 336 million users per month. Short tweets with photos or videos and hashtags - the perfect place for quick news.
Quick response to customer needs is also a big benefit.

Why do I Need to Make a Business Profile of the Company?

Just registering a brand page and starting to publish content is not enough.
Do you need efficiency? With the correct design user spends 3-5 seconds to get:

• what the profile is about;
• why should he/she become a subscriber;
• quality and relevance of content.

Hey Designer: some recommendations

So, a guideline to achieve a unique corporate identity on your business page.

Adhere to the same style
You must have a corporate identity.
At least, special colors, a visual element (logo) and a font are required. Use them everywhere: within the company, on packaging, clothing, the official website - and of course for social network design.
P.S. Please note - we are not talking about identity. Facebook profile headers can and should be different.

Unique ideas for every social platform

A common mistake is to create the same branding elements and the same content for all profiles.

Do not repeat them:
You can post a video cover on Facebook.
On Instagram, upload posts in color and style.
For Pinterest, develop a unique layout of images.

So, learn platform tools and consider your target audience.

Make a unique profile picture

This element is most often seen by users: after all, it accompanies every publication and every comment. Ideally, if you have a logo, then just use it as the profile picture and make a background with company colors.
But be warned:
Image overload is not allowed.
No text and small details: let it just be a large logo in the center.

Look for unique solutions

This is not easy: you need to achieve the interaction of visual brand elements and publications on the page. Try publishing photos in a single color scheme. Or create a unique graphic picture for each post. Implement your ideas. Experiment and track the reaction of the audience.

Useful services for the design of social networks

If you have ever thought about designing everything on your own, so here is the list of convenient online tools:

1. Logaster
This platform generates unique logos.
They can be downloaded in the form of optimized images for the requirements of different social networks or on a transparent background - to be embedded in the photo (as a watermark).

2. Crello
It helps you easily develop a cover design for a business profile using your own pictures or images from the online service collection.

3. Sproutsociale
This service quickly optimizes ready-made images for the requirements of the sizes of different social networks.

4. Pexels
Pexels - is a collection of free photos to complement the posts and covers of brand accounts.

It includes sets of color schemes that you can focus on. Very useful for content and other visual elements of the brand.

It’s a set of free fonts. Choose any and make it basic for your brand.

Interacting with users of social platforms means actively promoting your business, finding new customers, expanding your geography and increasing brand confidence.

The way is simple: to choose the right promoting platform and make the fanfuckingtastic design.
Use our recommendations and be unique - this will help you increase recognition and optimize advertising costs.

The article is written by Ihor Volkov,
Marketer of Logaster company