The process of creating a masterpiece is not that simple.

Art and design industry are based on visuals.
To find “that one” image is crucial...and people of art know what the true pain means when the perfect image is too broken to be used.
It should have the best quality or at least the highest one. Otherwise, poor elements will make the whole project to look low-grade.

What’s more, the pieces for web/graphic design should have equal quality (preferably high ha-ha) to avoid being dissonant with each other.
Some formats require big image size, that’s why simple elements you use for the decoration should also be not really small.

But what’s the main concern is - you can rarely find high-quality elements just in the net. Otherwise, you are goddamn Sherlock.
And clients usually also don’t really care about image quality. They just see the picture and want a magic happen.

Let’s Enhance is the solution. But how you can use it on maximum?

Upscale any element

Do you know the main difference with “Illustrations” and “Photos and Art” filter?
Yes, they both do upscaling, but there is a crucial difference:

"Photos and art" for sharpening, "Illustrations" for polishing

Logos, illustrations, simple elements or cartoonish style images - it’s for “Illustrations” because it will make pixel polishing, and all the logos will look incredibly good.

Crashed photos, naturalistic images or real-life elements are for “Photos and Art” because it will make noise removal and sharpening.
They both work perfectly for the purpose they were created for.
Remember this difference and don’t mix them.

Elements with transparent background

Let’s Enhance CAN work with this type of image. Because it’s the most frequently used type of image for designers, right?
They can be easily found in good quality in photo stocks. But if it’s not - upload it to us.
Remove background than upscale or vice versa - it’s up to you.

But do not forget - if you upload in PNG, so you should download as well in PNG (the same works with JPEG). Because our networks can be confused with your configuration. Don’t make them sad :(

Image Textures

Is it needed to say that textures are pivotal for 3D architecture designers?
Otherwise, they will sell nothing and stay hungry :) Joke.

In 3D-architecture everything is based on the textures while constructing the house of your dream.

A perfect design project is not possible with poor-quality elements. The more natural look it has - the better.
Check the difference:

Good 3D-model vs Low-cost one

Here are two examples with poor-quality textures and the good ones. The image on the right looks too cartoonish (like it from Sims 3) and another one looks like a real photo.
Here is the difference of textures.

Usually, all the textures can be found for free, but of course, they are in not really good condition. And for sure if you have lots of them in 3D-scene, the difference in the quality of the elements will be visible.

But free low-quality texture is not a sentence.
Smart designers know a thing or two and use them a lot. Find it on the resources for free and enhance it with us.
You can not eat your cake and still have it!

Make the whole world see it

If you’ve already done a masterpiece, don’t destroy it with postproduction.
Enhance it! Make it bigger.

Clients are the world for us. Do they want exactly this low-quality image for their walls? No problem anymore.

What we can help you to do:
- artwalls
- big banners for the events
- building wraps (yeap, even this!)

Check our customers’ reviews:

Client wants an art wall with zebras for his house?
Ok! I don’t depend on only high-resolution images, because I can make it by myself thanks to LE in whatever design!  Even with 600x600 images from Pinterest

Olivia, designer
I am designing websites and I like to play with textures and small details. It’s very hard to find it in a good resolution, so I had to find the solution.
Just upload and get in 5 seconds back. Brilliant result, thank you!

Marcos, web-designer
The apps I use for drawing have limits in size and decrease my art quality.
So Let’s Enhance was pretty much a lifesaver, especially now when I started to make prints.

Amadeus, digital artist

More art to the world!
Go and bright it up. We will help you with that.