Want to make your real estate pictures stand out? Our new feature, Light AI, automatically corrects lighting and colors of your images making them appealing to potential buyers.

Kitchen before and after HDR

Light AI is a next-gen HDR network that adds even more value to our solution for online real estate businesses that includes AI upscaling and noise reduction.

Earn more with enticing photos

On average, properties with high-quality images on the listing sell 32% faster and for $10,000 more.

But when it comes to short-term rentals, the role of pictures is even greater. People rarely check rooms in person before booking them. Instead, they choose the best offering based on the descriptions, reviews, and photos they find online.

And, arguably, photos have a bigger impact on the final decision. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But that might be an underestimate. A study found that one photo brings as much value as 2856 words in the description.

But what makes a good image?

Part of it is staging, composition, and getting the angles right. Then there’s brightness, saturation, clarity, and other visual properties. All of these things contribute to how well your image is perceived.

For example, listings with brighter photos generate an extra $90 to $104 each month.

Check how various image attributes contribute to the total rent price in the chart below.

chart: how image attributes affect property rent price
Source: Zhang, Shunyuan (2019): A Structural Analysis of Sharing Economy Leveraging Location and Image Analytics Using Deep Learning. Carnegie Mellon University.

As you can see, there’s many components to image quality.

Some of them, like composition, are hard to change in post-processing.

But things like lighting and colors are equally important. And yet they are hard to get right when shooting indoors.

Why is Real Estate photography challenging?

Professional real estate photography is expensive and time-consuming. It involves a lot of preparation and gear. That’s why listings often have DIY photos shot with an iPhone in poorly lit rooms.

UGC listing photo before and after HDR

With Light AI, you can correct exposure, brighten dark areas, fix overblown highlights, and balance out colors in no time.

UGC real estate photo before and after HDR

But you can achieve even more with our ready-made preset.

Real Estate preset

Using this preset, you’ll get the combined benefit of Light AI and other Let’s Enhance features. Make your image clean, sharp and realistically vibrant with one push of a button.

You’ll also get a doubled resolution. This allows to get more detailed zoom on your listings and print out your photos at a higher DPI.

Real Estate Photo Before and After HDR

How to use the Real Estate preset

It’s very easy. Go to the Presets tab and select the respective mode. You’re all set.

Just press the Start processing button and wait while our app does magic to your photos.

Light AI for interior and exterior photography

From kitchen to outdoor shots—Light AI works with any type of real estate photography.

Kitchens usually have a lot of white surfaces. With Light AI, walls, ceilings, and all the white things will look white—not grey or yellow, as it sometimes happens in amateur photos.

Real Estate Listing Kitchen before and after HDR

Kids’ rooms explode with colors. Light AI helps restore the wide range of tints, tones, and shades the camera couldn’t catch.

Kids room HDR:  before-after

Professional photographers use bulky light equipment and complicated HDR fusion methods to come up with good living room images. Light AI achieves similar results with a lot less effort.

Living room HDR:  before-after

Exterior photography presents its own challenges. Depending on the time of the day and weather, there could be either too much or not enough sunlight outdoors.

Exterior real estate HDR photography

With Light AI, you don’t have to wait for a magic hour to take a photo.

Smart auto-correction that saves your time

Manual editing can take hours for each photo. In turn, our tool is built to save your time. There’s no learning curve. It just works. Choose the mode or preset, and our intelligent algorithm will do all the fine-tuning for you.

You can also batch process thousands of photos at once on our website or with an API.

Grow your real estate business with better photos: try Let’s Enhance

Feel free to test Light AI, the real estate preset, and other Let’s Enhance features yourself. Get 10 free images to process upon signing up.