We are excited to announce our partnership with EFI™.

EFI™ is one of the biggest players in the printing industry, with nearly 20 million users and 50 offices worldwide. Over one-third of the world’s high-end wide format printers in production, today are EFI products. It is leading the transformation from analog to digital imaging with scalable, digital, award-winning products.

Let's Enhance's solution from now is available for all Fiery JobFlow customers. We apply our proprietary upscale technology to prepare images for super-wide format printing. EFI customers can upsample their art installations, banners and building wraps to up to 3000 megapixels. The process is fully automated and brings pixel-perfect images and cleaner prints as a result, which will reduce reprint costs and speed up the pre-press process.

"EFI™ is excited to partner with Let’s Enhance to bring advanced image scaling functions to our Fiery® JobFlow™ customers. Fiery JobFlow is a print automation software product that automates labor-intensive prepress workflows to increase productivity, and reduce costs. Now users are able to leverage Let’s Enhance’s AI image processing API to create an automation workflow to increase image resolution and size for wide and superwide printing, without any loss of quality."

Hans Sep | Product Line Manager Fiery JobFlow

For more information, visit letsenhance.io.