How do you see Let’s Enhance?
Let’s talk honestly - fancy website, stylish icons and after all you do click-click-click - and magic happens.
Of course there is a team of developers who rule the process, maybe the designer and marketing team may also exist… What else?

We want to invite you to the journey inside a very intimate images are born.
Welcome to the heart of Let’s Enhance - our API

How this engine looks like?

The whole process consists of 3 parts:

  • source (where you put your images and our server can take it for editing)
    We can connect into S3 buckets and process all the images on the place.
  • operations cycle (the magic we are doing with your images)
  • sink (voila! - the final point to pick them up)
    Result is stored in temporary storage on our side (files available for 24hrs)

The process structure is very simple and from the unprofessional point of view looks like lego bricks. Every lego brick - is the image processing operation.

Let’s Enhance API  has several of them. You may combine and chain them in the way you like and in any order making your photo editing process truly unique.

   "source": {
       "http": {
           "url": ""

   "operations": [
           "op": "nn/jpegar", "force": true
           "op": "nn/magic",
           "width": 7680, "height": 4320
           "op": "img/encode",
           "format": "JPEG",
           "format_opts": { "quality": 90 }

   "sink": {
       "temp_store": true


By the way, our website is also the client of our API.

Every filter you can use on our website has at least 2 operations inside. But for our business auditory we offer to choose the editing process operations by themselves.

What’s more, our API customers get earlier access to the BETA-operations that are not yet available for general usage.

So what are these operations?

Available operations as of now:
“nn/magic2x”, “nn/magic4x”, “nn/magic8x”, “nn/magic16x”, “nn/boring2x”, “nn/boring4x”, “nn/boring8x”, “nn/boring16x”, “nn/jpegar”, “nn/toneenhance”, “nn/colorenhance”, “nn/denoise”

As we already told every our filter has at least 2 operations inside.
You can combine them in the order you like.
Moreover, you can choose the opacity of every operation and control its intensity.
You have seen this on our website, right? Every filter can be produced in low, moderate or supreme opacity.

Its engine looks like this:
{"op": "nn/colorenhance", "opacity": 0.5}
- what means that filter for colour enhancement overlays with 50% opacity

Low opacity means - 0,33 power of the operation.
Moderate - 0, 66 and Supreme is 1.
You can do the control of any operation in our API.

“nn/jpegar” vs “nn/denoise”

The basic operation is called “jpegar”.
It is always inside every filter and makes compression artifact removal.

This bad effect is usually caused by artificial compression of photos in purpose to make them more lightweight. Pictures are usually get compressed by sending photos via messengers or several times uploading/downloading operations.


But the noise also differs by its nature.
If the picture is overwhelmed with natural digital noise - “nn/jpegar” operation will be useless.

We have another operation called “nn/denoise”.
It was created for the images made by old photo cameras or for photos made with the lack of lightening.
Be aware: our “nn/denoise” operation is very strong. Use it only if your picture is too damaged.


“nn/magic and boring-up_to_eternity-x”

If your picture has tiny dimensions and you need to print it in the paper wall size - you will for sure need our upscaling option.

We have several of them:
“nn/magic2x”, “nn/magic4x”, “nn/magic8x”, “nn/magic16x”
“nn/boring2x”, “nn/boring4x”, “nn/boring8x”, “nn/boring16x”

And it’s the same upscaling operation.
The difference is only in the size of picture and type of image you want to update.

“nn/boring” operation is perfect for upscaling simple art, illustrations, logos and cartoons. It will polish all the details but all the pixels will stay in their original place.

“nn/magic” - is the all-purpose operation for different kinds of photo.

These operations technically support upscaling up to any custom size


Make it vibrant?

“nn/toneenhance”, “nn/colorenhance” - are for visual image enhancement
It’s the perfect option to quickly edit images without spending hours in Lightroom or Photoshop.
These operations work well when you already have optimal image size and need a little improvement.

What does it make?


This operation will turn your pale images into vibrant ones doing powerful colour improvement.
It gives you saturated and juicy colours making your pictures truly vivid.



This operation improves the structure and contours of your images.
Also it does better details tracing what works well with contrasted images, landscapes and portraits in sunlight.
When you need to add some structure - that’s a good choice.


These neural network operations are core of our service.
We also have other photo operations: resize (if you need a specific size for you image) and filter intensity.

Feel free to drop us a line here:
and try our API right now.

Thank you for joining our travel inside the process. Hope it was useful for you!